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VIDEO: car driver tries to do acrobatics in his truck and ends up turning, there are five people around him

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In social circles the imprudence of someone went viral car driverthis is what you got by realizing it acrobatics and the hands arrisgadas, when he lost control of the vehicle and ended up spinning. They took place at a Colorado Springs resort, en United States. I agree with local authorities, at least five people result injurieswhere the unit fell upon them.

In the images – which circulate on digital platforms – it should be noted that the operator of the truck I was creating a risky maneuver, known in the automotive world as “donas” or “trompos“, which consists in the fact that the rear wheels of the vehicle turn over the same time and as a result of the vehicle turning 180 degrees on the road.

I grabbed and spread the words. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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The driver performed stunts and ended up flying onto the truck

The capture was captured by another person, who encountered the lejos of the truck and decided to document the driver’s recklessness. In the clip you see the driver realizing it maniobrasmeanwhile five passengers they pass by the wagon’s ventanas. However, within the next few seconds the driver lost control of his vehicle and ended up spinning. The people who meet in the winds will receive the worst impact, as the truck passes through the top of their bodies.

Testigos of the dark try to get help, but now the state of health of them is lost injured, people apparently suffered severe injuries, where the truck on which they traveled passed by. Local media reported that the emergency was attended to by state police and that the injured were taken to a local hospital in an emergency, but the report on health status was ignored.

Five people were injured. Photo: captura de pantalla.

What are the “donas” or “trompos”?

Let me mention that at the moment of the moments, the conductor made one manobra popularly known as “donas” or “trompos”. I agree with the car manufacturing company, Toyota: “it takes a long time when, through the loss of control of the train, the rear turns cause the car to spin over the same wheel, causing it to turn 180 degrees on the road”.

These practices are illegal in different countries, so the people who carry them out “trompos” or “donas“You can be sanctioned by the street authorities, because these actions not only put people in danger of doing them, but also risk other drivers.

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