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VIDEO: Capturing the moment when the earthquake began at the Japan metro station

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Inhabitants of Japan they captured on video the exact moment in which the intensity was recorded earthquake that saved the country this 1st black month. The grabs were spread on social media like X (before Twitter) where they became popular and quickly went viral. The most popular clips are grabbed inside the meter Kanazawa and they show the moments of panic experienced by people who want to board collective transport.

Acknowledged with information, distributed by the Geological Service of United States (USGS, by its acronyms in English), the telephone movement It had a magnitude of 7.6 and its epicenter was in the Noto region, in the Ishikawa prefecture. The earthquake came as a surprise to thousands of people at 4.10 pm (local time), but fortunately – until now – there are no reports of fatal victims, only those recorded damage materials and inhabitants caught between the escombros.

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Some houses were completely destroyed. Photo: special.

How did the earthquake feel in the Japanese metro?

Through social networks, some Internet users shared videos showing the intensity with which the telephone movement protected homes, buildings, stations and stations of the meter. In the most popular images you see a person inside a subterranean station, when things begin to move; the protagonist of the clip tried to keep calm and opted to hold on to a metal bar, amidst the fear.

In the same video you appreciate the intensity with which the carriages of the meter fueron sacudidos. Some people – who were on board the unit – opted to settle down or get on the train while running. Other people – who also documented their experiences inside the metro – showed that they only covered their heads and tried to seek refuge, to avoid being shot in the event of a derrumbe.

Are you alerted by tsunami?

Luego del earthquake, the authorities issued a tsunami warning, which was dismissed, due to the fact that waves were recorded at a height of one meter and a half, which struck the port of Wajima. Likewise, other locations are guaranteed to have tide depths between 540 and 80 centimetres.

Please mention that the Meteorological Agency of Japan (JMA) noted that more than 20 reports of the telephone movement have been reported, thus advising that earthquakes will most likely continue for the remainder of the week.

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