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VIDEO: Captain returns to students outside a college in Puebla: suspends two students

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The entity wanted to record a case of aggression among young people when three students of the European College from Puebla struck a young man late on Tuesday, December 5th.

In a video that circulates in social circles it is observed that youngsters broke out in a conflict outside the school, where the fathers of the family also intervened, who launched a pair of coups, punches and blows.

In social circles it is clear that everything happened when Enrique “N”student of the European College, you have a lesson with Luis Fernando “N”, who has received amenazas.

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Diego Sinhue Rodríguez if you agree to “give” with the asesinos of the six youngsters

It was because of his boy at school, so that he was skinned and the attempt to help him ended dead

How did the youngsters go to school in Puebla?

Luis Fernando defended himself and then fought Daniel D.who no one is studying in it European Collegeattacking by the shoulder.

Asymism, expusieron que DanielIn order to manage the situation, he called to his father (Javier), who went with his father of 10 people in two cars, one red and another white, and they started to hide and attack three more people, especially Fernando.

Fernando is in the hospital being examined for injuries on the head caused during the attack.

Colegio Europeo de Puebla sends out its students

In this respect, the educational institution stated that the students involved in the trifulca were suspended “immediately”, once they were investigated and the disciplinary process envisaged in the internal regulations began.

We have received expressions of solidarity from students and parents of families whose experience within the European School, it does not correspond to the image that is projected in the video shared anonymously, for them and for us it is that we work on a daily basis and among the team to guarantee them a quality education based on values; Today we never strengthen our educational commitment

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