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VIDEO | Caen tres por robo a casa de empeño

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Three suspects of having placed a item inside a busy house located in the Alcaldía Iztapalapa they were captured by elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana de la Ciudad de México place of persecution.

They were purchased late on December 26th, when three of their items were stored at the shop floor, located in the colony Desarrollo Urbano Quetzalcóatlamenazándola to realize the atraco.

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To reach out to the customers of the place, one of them must explore one Bengal, why people became fearful. As follows, break glass to remove some computerswhich ones were taken as botín.

They are captured through persecution

In concrete terms, the three riders boarded a vehicle with the color of a capital city taxi, but the monitoristas of the Centro de Control y Vigilancia Oriente they’ll follow the trail.

“Result of a I’m looking for virtual and an operational description, companions of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana reported to 3 men, one younger than one, who attacked a house of employment in Iztapalapa; laptops were recovered and secured vehicle where they escaped.

The alleged responsible persons were assured of portable computers. Photo: SSC-CDMX

“We work with the C5 de la City of Mexico for immediate attention to high-impact crimes”, signaled Pablo Vazquezsecretary of city security in the capital.

Acknowledgment with the report of the officials who informed the unit at the crossroads of the avenues Saint Lawrence y Ermita Iztapalapa, the alleged attackers were left unintentionally with their personal computers and the vehicle installed in their vehicle. The three things presented ante el Ministerio Público to determine your responsibility in the crime.

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