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VIDEO: as they chased and chased the conductor in front of Plaza Artz Pedregal, they tried to escape

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Late this weekend, February 23rd, a video was revealed showing the moment in which July’s car landed in a work zone in the area. inmediaciones de Artz Pedregal It is carried by a motorcycle and the driver is assured at the tip of the balance.

Please report to the City Security Secretariat (SSC) through a detailed information sheet that was carried out through the review and analysis of the security cameras that were detected the ataque móvil which was initially handled as a accidental vial in Periférico Sur.

Follow the text:

Plaza Artz: direct attack, motorcyclist disappeared against driver who was in the work area

They took part in the colony Jardienes del Pedregal, belonging to the Álvaro Obregón alcaldía, where the vehicle ended, descending from a height of approximately 4 meters to the height of calle Manzana, until emergency personnel arrived to notify that the driver had no signs of life.

What was the posture of the SSC before the murder in the Southern Periphery?

In the images you can observe it as in the Peripheral Ring, in full traffic on the street, motorcyclists rush towards the vehicle and shoot them away. Immediately huyen and the driver tries to escape, without embargo, due to the wounds ends by losing control, hitting against the wall of containment and cae.

In the place, paramedics from the Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (ERUM) and personnel from the Heroico Cuerpo de Bomberos de la Ciudad de México, assessed the man who was driving a special vehicle and diagnosed him without vital signs, therefore, the area was accompanied and special teams were required for the withdrawal of the unit.

Previously, the agent of the Ministerio Público was informed for the corresponding expert services and the integration of the investigation sheet of the case, and the disposition of the person who had the vehicle wrapped in it.

Identifies the driver asesinado in Southern Periphery

The shopping center known as Artz Pedregal has been a scenario of attacks and collapses in its structure. One of the most impactful events occurred in 2019 when a story was recorded that ended with the life of two men of Israeli origin identified as Alon Azulay, aged 41, and Benjamin Yeshurun, aged 44.

In the last few hours he has transcended the name of Juan Martín Larrauri Hernández, 58 years old, who was the asesinated conductor during the late days of these games in the mediaciones of Artz Pedregal. According to periodic reports, the victim was detained in 2023 for allegedly being related to the criminal’s car.

At the moment there are no reports of people detained for the murder. Witnesses who attended the hecho reported that the alleged attackers were coming over the Peripheral Ring with direction towards the North. It is hoped that the SSC will expand the information among the operatives deployed in the area.

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