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VIDEO: as light Russia frozen with less than 40 degrees, the mayor snowed in about 150 years

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The people of Russia are fighting one of the most homeless people who have been registered in the last 150 years. According to the Russian authorities, the bad climate has brought about a cap of up to 40 centimeters of snow and occasional temperatures of up to less than 50 degrees, so it is recommended that the inhabitants take precautions and take precautions before the low temperatures.

Apparently, the situation is most intense in the high areas of Siberia, where temperatures exceed 50 degrees or less. “The precipitation record was broken in 145 years on 3 December”, revealed meteorologist Roman Vilfand, who was consulted by the news agency TASS. The past Sunday is equivalent to 25-30% of the monthly snow.

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Are they canceling flights to Nevada in Russia?

The bad weather that occurred at the end of the week in Russia has occasionally affected commercial flights, which have tended to be canceled due to extreme climatic conditions. Local media inform you that it is unknown when the vehicles clear, but now thousands of workers operate in quiet vehicles that help clear the streets that were covered by the snow, this with the aim of avoiding accidents.

The Russian authorities have warned the population about the low temperatures that will be recorded in the country during the week of December 4th, and that the meteorological services predict that the capital of Russia could reach temperatures of up to 23 degrees lower certainly, the which means a pilgrim for the inhabitants.

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