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VIDEO | Argentino went viral to be surprised by the CDMX Metro: “I’m very local”

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Argentinian tourists were surprised with the CDMX Metro, a video if he wanted viral In the red social network of TikTok, the visit of these two foreigners to our country was surprising due to the service of this public transport which includes thousands of citizens per diary in the capital of the country.

To the South American men surprised that the lines of the Metro Collective Transport System apart from having a color, have an image with which you can identify each station. El Argentine valeryyortizz, how he calls himself on red social media, compares that in his country only the stations have color, but they don’t have an image.

Follow the text:

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Metro in Argentina. PHOTO: GOOGLE MAPS

In the same way, another thing that is related are the ladders that pass by the meter and then to cross the other side so that you are misunderstanding the direction. The South American when his couple reports that this is the situation Argentina The hubiese costs more money, due to the fact that they have to go up and want to pay to enter the side that they want to go to.

In the last part of the videoTourists are surprised because the Metro is above the banqueta, noting that in their country this type of transport is only on the stairway and close to the station.

He is not the first Argentinian who is surprised by the transport of the CDMX

A headliner named @moodnicoycar was surprised by the quality of the public transport on the CDMX, including no doubt about gaining experience when boarding a Metrobus unit on Line 7, and reported that the transport was great. Argentine tourists are surprised by the differences that exist between public transport in the South American country and the capital.

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