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VIDEO | Agreed to the veterinary practice to supposedly not save a dog

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Visibly annoyed by what they considered a failure of attention, the two of a lomito which moments before had been atrophied, they violently broke into one veterinary clinic.

Those who happened on December 27th, the place where the death of a family was atropelled for a truck. As I followed, my loved ones took it from him urgency to a veterinary clinic in Cercana.

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I take care of it with the doctor’s testimony veterinarythe members of the family said that they would take away some plates to avoid any internal coup, allowing them to administer them alone analgesic y anti-inflammatory.

However, now later, the myth failed, which provoked the fury of the family, which showed up in the veterinary clinic to violently claim the death of the mascot due to an alleged medical malpractice.

The family showed up at the vet to complain about the death of their pet. Photo: Special

Veterinary medicine fears for its safety

In a video, captured by security camerasif you notice how five people enter the place in an aggressive manner and one of them claims the death of the victim who, according to him, was only rescued to treat him for an injury in a blow.

Furthermore, I argued that it is the second myth that fails to be expected by the staff of the clinic. Following this, she began to amenazar a la veterinaryincluding reporting that it is available in the shop.

One of the suitors demanded the return of the money they paid for the consultation. Photo: Special

Others of the companions began to skate there local showcase, breaking it. Finally, another person demands the money they have paid for the consultation, before purchasing the site.

Worried about it security and in her business, the young woman confirmed that she took action before the authorities to prevent future arrivals of the people who liked her.

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