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VIDEO | Agreden a youth, return to come to balazos

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A young man decided to seek justice in his own hands and, presumably having been attacked by a group of people outside a convenient location, returned with friends and was armed to attack coming.

They shopped outside a 7-Eleven store located on Paseo Pacífico Avenue in the Monumental section of the fraccionamiento Playas de Tijuanaone hundred meters from the malecón of the front city.

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In agreement with witnesses, a young man had a discussion with two people who met outside the room, who started hitting him on repeated occasions. Tras el fin de la aggressionthe young man retired.

What their attackers don’t hope for is that their previous victim will be accompanied by three other people and with a weapon of firewith which they disappeared causing various injuries.

The young man supposedly had been attacked minutes ago. Photo: Captura de pantalla

Transfer to heridos at the hospital

Immediately after throwing them away at their attackers, the youth and their companions started the game. In this case, the two above-mentioned items were attended by paramedics in the place and transferred to a hospital they seek, whence they reportaron fuera de peligro.

At the moment the identity of the young people who danced to the people outside the company was unknown, even though the video captured by a pre- sental text went viral in social networks.

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