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VIDEO | Abuelito cae a coladera y se fracture varias costillas in Tehuacán, Puebla

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A man of 71 years of age, who walked down a street in the Poblano municipality of Tehuacántropezó and cayó inside one coladera open, severely examining her ribcage and head.

They took place last 30 days, when Francisco Altamiranonear the area, walking along calle 4 Poniente de Tehuacán, walking peacefully along the edge of the avenue.

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In a video taken by security cameras Look, you can understand how the best adult can find balance by stepping into the open register and hitting the head and the waist.

To listen to them gritos of pain, immediate neighbors in the area called to the emergency services, those who suffered injuries rescued the man, who was diagnosed with bruises and fractures in the costillas.

The register had a depth of one meter and medium. Photo: Special

Realize installation of adoquines in the area

De acuerdo con reports de authoridades municipales, el register it was openly encountered due to the fact that a builder is installing a series of in the area adoquines to embellish the street.

The authorities urged the construction company to agility their labors to avoid major injuries to citizens. So much, Civil Protection municipal precintó the area where the abuelito cayó.

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