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VIDEO: Abandoning a tree in Tlalpan at one hour of Navidad

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The action lasts less than a minute, but is disheartening for animal lovers, especially for those who feel sympathy for them perros. It’s a clip where a car stops on the streets of the colony Pedregal de San Nicolás and abandon yourself to a mascot on the public road.

The images of this moment have started to become popular across the red social network of Tlalpan they showed their consternation for these people.

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Toma Asiento before knowing how many years lived the Alaskan Klee Kai breed

These people can address health problems in adulthood. PHOTO: Archive.

I thought I’d leave it, but I grabbed a camera as I abandoned it at my place

In the video that was captured thanks to a security camera last Saturday at 2.34 pm, you can observe how the one who carries out this action is a woman, which explains the vehicle.

Before abandoning the animal, place a basket underneath this or another object that cannot be seen in the audiovisual. After this, she returns to the unit and leaves the animal to her heart.

The point where the animal is located is dangerous, due to the fact that on this avenue there is a microbus route, it is on an avenue which is one of the main traffic points of the old colonies and there is also a constant flow of vehicles.

Animals do not understand the reasons why they are abandoned. PHOTO: Archive,

The dog requires special care

Please note that with the complaints that have been made regarding this act, the dog is found in bad conditions, which is why it was taken to a veterinarian.

The mascot is a dachshund, better known as a “salchicha dog”, due to its large shape. They may be good and loyal guardians to their dueños, although in some cases they require greater attention to be able to be averted.

Here they abandoned themselves to the perished

How many streets are there in Mexico?

In 2021, the Institute estimated that at least 23 million pears were abandoned across the country. However, civil associations have calculated that by 2023 the number will have increased to 25 million dogs lost to their pets.

The consequences of this are that these mascots are confronted with all kinds of situations on the streets. These evenings do not mind the reasons for those who are missing; many of them are lost for the following reasons:

  • Intestinal infections.
  • Infections and viruses.
  • Atropellamientos.
  • Injuries resulting from brawling with other animals.
  • Hambre or sed extrema.

In the case of dachshunds, as they advance and are faced with serious problems such as dysplasia of the body, a condition that makes them unable to walk, which places the greatest burden on their existence.

70 for hundreds of families have mascots, but many of them end up missing. PHOTO: Archive.

Where do you call if you find an abandoned dog?

Since 2005, the City Security Secretariat has been running the Animal Surveillance Brigade, a specific group to guard sensitive animals across 16 cities. To request an intervention, you can call 911 or directly by calling 55 5208 9898. The other form of contact is through your social networks

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