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VIDEO: A woman dies in a strange accident in the face of a bus vent

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Julia de Albuquerque it was one of the bus passengers Brazil that you are strong choque with a train; after the impact, the woman got on one of the wings of the truck, waiting in the streets of the locomotive that followed her pace and she could not avoid rolling over the victim. murió there you will be plastered by the middle of your body.

In respect, Ana RosaJulia’s mother reported to the truck driver as the main person responsible for the accident that happened to her daughter, accusing him of negligent“no it was an accident, it was a crime“, assured the victim’s mother who told her that she was carrying clothes on her back when the accident happened.

The bus cannot avoid being hit by the train. Photo: Metropoles

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Why does the bus collide with the train in Brazil?

Julia was 37 years old, and was the only person who died in the severe shock who ended up with at least four people with strong inheritances, who were identified as Nildete Antunes Vitor, Julio Botelho Fernandes, Janderson Rodrigues da Costa and Pedro Domiense Fields, in middle places.

El conductor of the bus was identified as Pedro Domiense 42 years old, who after the accident occurred shock and I suffered one nervous crisis. According to the texts cited by the local Metropoles, the bus cannot continue to travel along the roads because it was hit on the other side by part of the train.

The terrible coup caused Julia from Albuquerque to find a woman from the bus, pick up the truck and take her to the train streets where she passed, leaving her life behind. The train driver advised the bus driver so that he could pass by the sound of his neighbor; Without embargo, he could not avoid a coup by provoking the death of the woman.

The bus driver was detained, while Julia’s mother recorded her as the person who always helped her and who needed help to be a major adult. After the accident, a few days ago he stood close to Julia’s grave while the investigation into her death continued openly.

“She always said that she didn’t want to die before I did. She was very worried about me. She loved me so much. I don’t know how I want to live without her”: Ana Rosa.

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