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VIDEO: a man escapes from death by hiding behind one of the counters during a shooting, aimed at 4 people

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A man asked three men and a woman in a bar located in the community of Samborondón, in Ecuador. As the attacker entered the armor, shooting at various people who met on his way, one of the people present in the place was saved thanks to the fact that she hid between the various counters.

According to the data coming from the local security camera, they were recorded shortly after the middle night of the past Monday, although the clip began to become popular in the social circles.

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The man stood on the ground so as not to be seen by the attacker. PHOTO: X

The man was able to escape thanks to the fact that he was hiding from the donkey

The assailant entered the place with a shotgun and began to fire at several of the people who encountered the site and then retreated. The action lasted more than 40 seconds and was recorded in the audiovisual which began to spread via X, before Twitter.

In the video you can see that just when the attacker is about to enter the establishment, a man who is chatting with a woman is hidden between one of the counters that are on the site. It weighs on the shooter who missed shooting against his victims, he was not affected by the presence of his target.

The shots are searched for in local areas near the shooting gallery

Although the donkey went up to the stable in one second, the man who escaped from the platform remained without moving for an instant after the moments.

After meeting the average locals, the shooter began to meet the lives of three young people who met on the site and joined three other people on the premises.

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