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VIDEO: A huge apocalyptic scene on a whole beach in Sochi, Russia

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In the midst of the armed conflict that exists between Russia and Ukraine a strong nitrogen storm left some cities dead and thousands of people without electricity. In social circles they have spread images of them gigantic waves who entered the beaches of Sochi.

Gigantic waves on the beaches of Russia

Through social media, viral videos emerged of the storm that struck Crimea, Russia and Ukraine. According to the state news agency reported by AP, the trees in the beaches of Sochi flooded the coastal beach resort, climbed the roof of a five-story building in Anapa and damaged lives and schools.

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In a video shared on Twitter we observe the moment when the gigantic trees enter a group of departments, struggling all the time, showing the magnitude of the storm. Communication mediums in Russia are classified as the “storm of the siglo” or “mega storm”.

Storm in Russia

According to the AFP agency, on Monday 27 November the authorities informed that the storm has affected the lives of other people in Russia and the occupied areas of Ukraine. The body of a man was killed in the seaside resort of Sochi and, in the Crimea, another man’s body failed when he tried to find a place to “see the world” and another person died aboard a bard on the edge of Kerch.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Energy informed that more than half a million people remain without light in Crimea, Russia and Ukraine amidst the storm, which is the culmination of the intense snow which is also classified as the strongest in 40 years following the governor of the country Moscow region, Serguéi Vorobiov.

Giant olas azotan Sochi en Rusia. Photo: AFP

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