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VIDEO: A boy sleeps and saves a little girl from going down the road

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En la social redes if he published a video where it can be seen like a pear save in a masterly manner to a little girl who is about to serve private of his freedom for an alleged delinquent and the dog reacted before telling the situation that he knew that the little girl could escape from this presumed secuestrador, all this happened in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the purchase you can understand how a suit enters the house where the child and the baby are located, this is the last one to sleep hoping for what the alleged secuestrador between the little girl, who finds herself in the back of the house. Upon entering her suit for her, the boy responsive attacking the arm of the subject who carries a weapon, the animal does not allow the man, before different movements that make it possible to get rid of the canine it does not give way before it and let the little girl run inside the house.

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The canine is attached to the “secuestrador” of the arm to prevent it from lifting to the menor. | Photo: Video capture

What really happened with the boy who saved a little girl from being lost?

The video that went viral in the cyberspace world about the great work that took place on the perro originated in Argentina. This video has caused great anticipation over it real or not the great performance of the animal, we can decide that it was one adiestramiento who was giving them to the canine before the situation that arose and happened grabada for a security camera.

In the first instance when the suit goes to enter “secuestrar” a la menor, if you can see how it gives you one instruction to the dog and this action takes place when sleeping, then the man when entering the girl has time to activate the weapon against the animal and be able to get up to the girl, a situation that omite the recipe and time to make the child react attacking on the armthe place where you were kept covered with one protection to prevent the bite of the pear from harming.

The case of the boy who saved a little girl who was “secured” causes controversy

This case may cause some users indignationthey mention that it is not possible that they can ask the pears this type of training that they can do provoke Please note that they do not need preparation to defend the duens, in other publications one can read that it is a great act of valentia for part of the reason, it is well that if the case will pass to the reality it will be known how to implement it, although the majority of the commentaries point out the reasons for which it is a practice due to how it was the way of implementing the former “secuestrador” ”.

Some reactions of users before this case. | Photo: Video capture

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