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Vehicle verification in December: check when the service is suspended on CDMX

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There Secretary of the Environment (Sedema)he announced will suspend the trámites de el City Vehicle Verification Area in December, For this reason there is still time to realize the slopes you need to realize.

Sedema informed you next Monday 18 December 2023 until 01 December 2024 the factories will suspend the reception of traffic, documents and all responses that should be kept in mind in any vehicle situation in the CDMX.

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Communication from the Secretariat of the Environment. Photo: X

These are the things that are about to happen at the end of the year

Please tell the secretary to the owners or legal owners who have registered vehicles in the country. City of Mexico, review the precautions for implementation in time with the following information:

  • Solicitud de extension to the period of verification for robo, accident or major repair.
  • Expansion request for cases not contemplated.
  • Reposición de la constancia de verición vehicular (holograma y/o certificado).
  • Analysis of the application of fines for extemporary verification in the vehicular verification system through its devolution before the Secretaría de Administración y Finanzas de la Ciudad de Mexico.
  • Solicitude of people who require medical attention or dependencies that have contingencies, to exempt themselves from the Hoy No Circula Program.
  • Canje de holograma.

Will the verification centers be open in December?

In this last month of the year, they Vehicle Verification Centers Only on Monday 25th December, the rest of the days will operate normally, on a regular schedule. 8:00 in the morning to 20:00 at nightas Sedema notified it in its press release.

What vehicles are checked in December?

Before you look for the December holidays, if you don’t forget to have your vehicle verified, people with vehicles with blue tires and traffic plate ending 9 or 0 can write a citation in the Vehicle Verification Center who would prefer to enter go to the page: verificentros.sedema.cdmx.gob.mx/DVC/.

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