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Vehicle verification 2023: what are verified in December on CDMX and Edomex?

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We’re ready to finish the year 2023 and every few days for those people who deserve it check sus vehicles They can do it via the corresponding channel and can continue circulating with complete peace of mind. But, what are they?, what are the carriages of it City of Mexico (CDMX) y el State of Mexico (Edomex) Can I wait until December to verify? We count you.

But first, it is important to record that yes check your car, you will have to pay the corresponding fine and you will not be able to get in with you until the moment you meet this requirement. The most important thing is to keep in mind that this means has the objective of controlling and minimizing the contamination which is produced with our coches. So it doesn’t happen to you.

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You can be careful to complete your vehicle verification without mentioning: enter how to do it

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Are these verified in December on CDMX?

The cars that should be checked in December are those that have the color of the blue tire. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Based on the verification calendar that was issued Secretary of the Environment (Sedema) of the City of Mexico For the second half of 2023, the vehicles that should be checked in the month of December are those that have the color of the blue tire and the last day of their registration plate is the 9th or the 0th.

Please mention that you live there CDMX and you need to check what you are doing, don’t forget that to be able to do it you need not to have any training or infractions. Similarity, to the point that in the case of registrations for the first time of your car in Mexico City, you must verify it within the 180 natural days starting from when you have your traffic target.

Are these verified in December on Edomex?

Same as there City of Mexicovehicles with plates State of Mexico that are held until December 31st to verify are the blue colored gums ending 9 and 0. If you are one of the people who should do it before the end of the year, take great care so that you do not miss the days, because in If you fail to do so, you will end up paying a fine of more than 2 million pesos.

If you don’t check your car, you can pay fines of up to 2 million pesos. Credits: Government of Edomex.

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