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Vehicle traffic contamination is linked to Alzheimer’s disease, study reveals

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A study developed by scientists United States revealed that people are exposed to high levels of air contamination, especially that generated by the traffic of vehicles, they are more likely to develop conditions related to the illness of Alzheimer’s.

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There investigationpublished this week in the magazine “Neurology”, was created by an international team of scientists and published by Grace Christensen, of the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta (Georgia).

“It has been determined that exposure to suspended particles or particulate matter is associated with Alzheimer’s disease, and hypothesis is what causes inflammation and oxidation in the brain,” was noted in the article.

Suspended particles are dispersed in the atmosphere

It is estimated that in the United States 6.7 million people, over 65 years old, have Alzheimer’s disease. PHOTO: Special

These particles are diminutos solid bodies or small quantities of liquids dispersed in the atmosphere and investigators They pointed out that it is believed that the APOE gene, which implies a greater genetic risk than Alzheimer’sif modified in the association with these parts.

Follow the Association of Mal de Alzheimer’s if you calculate what it is United States One of 6.7 million people, aged 65 years, suffered this illness. On 73, hundreds of them are mayors of 75 years of age.

The majority of these people with Alzheimer’s They are white, but medical schools point out that African Americans and Hispanics have a greater ability to develop this sick.

What revealed the study of Alzheimer’s disease?

Medical schools report that African Americans and Hispanics have a greater ability to overcome this illness. PHOTO: Special

There investigation showed that people who experienced high concentrations of suspended particles in the air, at least a year before their death, were more likely to present high levels of abnormal aggregations of protein fragments within nerve cells.

These aglomeraciones, known as plaques, signal the presence of Alzheimer’s in the cerebral tissue.

For this study, the investigators examined the brain tissue of the 224 people who agreed to donate their brains through death to help in the study of the dementia. The people died at around 76 years old.

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