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Vecinos de CDMX detain 2 alleged thieves, the coups and they take fire

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Vecinos de la Alcaldía Iztapalapa They noticed that a few of the suitors wanted to steal one motorcyclethe reason why they decided to intervene in the act before a citizen complaint, they told those responsible, and they they got together physicallyread with the first reports from the authorities.

Through an information plate, agents of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana reported that while they were making their travels security y surveillanceLike every day, they received a call from the operators Command and Control Center (C2) East with an emergency alert.

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The authorities said they would rescue the two people. Credit: Cuartoscuro

Vecinos atrapan dos thieves and coup plotters in Iztapalapa; the policy logró detenerlos before the linchamiento

They are standing fully unfolded in the streets Villa Eloísa and Villa Conejospresumably one citizen detention which could have been finished linchamientobut the police were careful to verify it situation and take control of the same, looking at the items.

At the moment when the staff arrived capital city police, tell me about the presence of a person pulled onto the floor. They could be noticed in her body hematic machas, mainly in the rostrum; It’s clear, she had it coup for the neighbors who visited it detention.

A second item was done on another part of the street, also with hematic shortcomings in the rostrum, also the signs of quemaduras on the skin. In the middle of the conflict, the agents also informed about it motorcycle take it on fire. Immediately they were solicited emergency services.

This happened on the streets of Villa Eloísa and Villa Conejos. Credit: Google Maps

Paramedics who came to the area attended a man aged 30 years old with injuries in the body y graves quemaduras on the skin; urgently he was transported to a hospital looking for the correct medical evaluation; We also attended to another 20 year old item, but I don’t need to move it.

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The second subject was arrested in the area before the petitions vecinos, and if they read them on their constitutional rights. Now you have to confront justice in front of someone Ministerio Público whereupon he was repressed; This will be where the legal situation is determined and the corresponding investigations are carried out.

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