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Vecinos blocked Peripherico Sur altura Earthquakes collapsed traffic on CDMX

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From the 8th of this morning a group of old people from the Jardines del Pedregal were blocking the central carriages of the Periférico Sur a the height of Earthquakeswith direction towards the north of the city, as well as the side streets of the street which caused the collapse of the traffic in this whole area City of Mexico.

There circulation If you are severely affected at the height of Luis Cabrera heading to San Jerónimo, just outside the factories of the Water System of the City of Mexico (SACMEX). Non-compliant people report that for 40 days they have not met with him water service drinkable in your homes, so you need an immediate solution on demand.

Which colonies are affected by the action of the drinking water minister?

According to the testimony of one of the old people who enter by looking for the central carts of the southern suburbs, some of the colonies that have suffered the disaster and water in this area are Jardines del Pedregal and Aculco.

At this point they brought together elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC), as well as personnel from SACMEX to attempt to dialogue with the demonstrators. At the moment only one of the carts has been released heading north of the city.

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