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Vecinos amarran to alleged thieves at a post office in New Leon

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Old people from the Alianza Real colony in the municipality of El Carmen New Leonthey caught a pair of thieves inside a house and caught them at a light post.

The two youngsters were surprised with belts and rings, and were surprised when they tried to rob a family’s belongings, and were also accused of other atrocities in the sector.

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If the accusation of robo at home habitación

The State Civil Forces Police attended to the call
Credits: Special

The inhabitants of this sector reported in social circles the fact, which caused the first ones to wait for the call to be the Civil Defense State Police y posteriorly acudieron the municipal effects of El Carmen y de Escobedothese are the last ones to look for the place of the hechos.

In the images shared in the social networks, the old people also had placed some things, a knife, a car, tools and cell phones, even those who supposedly took over the home they were attacking.

The officers proceeded to desamarrarlos and brought to a local police unit, together with the belongings found on the floor.


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