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Vacuna against skin cancer could be available in 2025

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The director general of ModernStéphane Bancel, told AFP that the experimental vaccine against melanoma that the company developed could be available in only two years, which would represent a historic step against the most serious form of skin cancer.

“We believe that in some countries the product could be launched with accelerated approval by 2025,” he said in an interview.

Unlike the conventional ones, the calls vacunas Therapeutics treat an illness instead of preventing it. But they also act by training the immunological system of the human body against the invading agent. The therapeutic vacunas represent today a true hope in oncology, a “immunotherapy 2.0″, according to Bancel.

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Vacuna Moderna will deliver to pharmacies and private clinics in the first half of December

Vacuna against skin cancer could be available in 2025. Photo: Cuartoscuro

The Moderna projects received a boost in the players with the latest results of the clinical tests, which show an improvement in the possibilities of survival thanks to the vacuum. The technology used is el ARN mensajero (ARNm), who proved to be very effective against the serious forms of COVID-19.

In a study involving 157 people with advanced melanoma, the Moderna vaccine, when combined with Merck’s Keytruda immunotherapy drug, reduced the risk of recurrence or death by 49% over a period of three years, compared with the administration solely of Keytruda.

Therapeutic vacunas treat an illness instead of preventing it. Photos: Cuartoscuro

In search of a temporary approval

Existing clinical tests could thus constitute the basis for the conditional approval of the vacuna, now known as ARNm-4157, stated Bancel. In this scenario, a larger “phase 3” study, in which a million people will participate and that Moderna will be rolling out to 2024, could confirm the previous conditional authorization.

Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, by its acronym in English) and the European Medicines Agency have placed the therapy on an accelerated review route. The development of the vacuum begins with the sequencing of the tumor genome of each patient and the identification of specific mutations for coding.

It is, consequently, an example of “individualized” medicine adapted “only to the person being treated”, stated Bancel. To prepare for the launch of the product on the market, Moderna is building a new factory in Massachusetts to provide comprehensive management, a requirement of the FDA.

The vacuum is in “Phase 3” one step away from its approval. Photo: Freepick

The company also announced on Monday the start of a “phase 3” trial for an ARNm cure against lung cancer and is studying other types of tumors.

Bancel’s hope is to combine these anti-cancer vaccines with “liquid biopsies”, innovative tests that detect signs of tumors through blood analysis, and which have begun to be available in the United States.

Other companies, such as BioNTech, are also working on individual therapeutic treatments against cancer.

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