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Used his son as a señuelo to rob, he was detained for the second time

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Angel “N”33 years old, was captured by elements of the Banking and Industrial Policy on the streets of the Narvarte colony with various doses of narcotics, possibly marijuana or cocaine.

After carrying out the routine review, it is ensured that the topic has been captured by the Policia on a previous occasion during this year, although related to an atrocity committed in the same heat.

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“The officers who carry out security patrols, to prevent the commission of crimes, observed at the crossroads of the streets Torres Adalid y Xochicalcoto a person with an unusual attitude who, at the moment of knowing the police presence, intended to withdraw abruptly.

“To avoid any illicit activity, the uniformed officers marked them on top and asked them for a preventive review, in which they ensured that the blue wrappings were carried out with a solid substance similar to the cocaine in stone, as well as 20 small bags which inside contained green and dry grass with the characteristics of the mariguana”, detailed the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana.

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From now on with periodical reports, Angel “N” has been away opened before, specifically on the 5th of March, when he struck with a short gun a man who had taken away a bottle priced at 215 pesos, on the esquina de Navarra and the Postal Union, in the Postal colony.

The informal police states that the crime was actually the place to be sent to the victim to send money to the victim, so that the alleged criminal tried to attack him with a sharp weapon.

At the moment of your detention, Angel “N” It was secured to your son, who is currently 11 years old.

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