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US Army going to take position near Taiwan, tension will increase with China; Will the war really happen?

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The situation of tension between the US and China regarding Taiwan has been going on for a long time. Recently, a senior general of the US Air Force claimed that after two years there would be a fierce war between the two countries. Due to this apprehension, the situation of tension has further increased. Meanwhile, US Marine Corps units are taking up positions near Taiwan. The job of these units is to carry out the battle on the remote island. It is believed that the tension between Beijing and Washington may increase further. In such a situation, questions are being raised whether the Air Force officer’s prediction about the war is going to happen.

This month, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III announced that a Marine artillery regiment based on the Japanese island of Okinawa would be reorganized as a Marine Littoral Regiment by 2025. These will be equipped with modern intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities and anti-ship. The unit – the 12th Marine Littoral Regiment – is the second of three Marine Littoral Regiments planned for the Indo-Pacific region. Active from 1st March 2022. The first unit is located in Hawaii. Within weeks of being activated, the 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment was participating in US-Philippine military exercise Balitikon.

“The exercise, the 37th time it was conducted, was nothing new,” Colonel Timothy Brady Jr., regiment commander, said at the Modern Day Marine Conference in Washington, DC, in May 2022. “What was new was that MLR was participating in this for the first time as our first deployment. What was really new was the mainland that we actually operated in.”

Carrier strike group trained to defend

Brady’s regiment will return to the Philippines in April for this year’s Balitikan. ‘The Marine Littoral Regiment Force’ is part of the year 2030. Its purpose is to restructure the corps. And during a recent exercise in ‘Hawaii’, members of the 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment were trained to defend a Carrier Strike Group. At the same time, similar exercises can take place during the upcoming Baltic exercise.

China had warned on the prediction of war

On the other hand, China strongly warned America on the issue of Taiwan. The dragon has said that if the need arises, he will not back down even from taking out the army. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that we appeal to America to take the ‘One China Policy’ very seriously. Also accept the joint statements issued by both the countries. In fact, a senior general of the US Air Force had recently claimed that in the year 2025, there could be a fierce war between the US and China. Four-star American General Mike Minihan said that this war will be about Taiwan.

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