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Universidad Autónoma de Occident descarta que jóvenes agressidos y expuestos sean de su plantel en Guasave

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There Autonomous University of the West (UAdeO) denied that the two young people who were attacked and thrown away without clothes with cards in their bodies in the municipality of Guasave in the state of Sinaloa, Sean alumni de dicho educational center. However, the institution condemned any manifestation of this violence.

Through a press release, the University It should be noted that those who have gone viral through a video distributed in social networks, did not start within the plant’s installations. In this sense, he explained that “there is no exclusion of people by the authors of these acts”.

Following reading:

Encapuchados targeted students for allegedly selling vapers at a university in Sinaloa

VIDEO | Agreden a youth, return to come to balazos

UAdeO condemns the acts of violence

The University took a stand against all acts of violence. Credit: Facebook/Universidad Autónoma de Ovest.

I can’t deny that young people form part of the alumnado, the Autonomous University of the West He reprobated any violence that goes against the integrity of people. The school is advised that this posture applies both to the educational community and to society in general.

Before this panorama, the University They were also called with the aim of working in conjunction with authorities and other institutions. This is why both the health and safety of students and the community of family parents are guaranteed.

“Our University reiterates the conviction of continuing to safeguard the human rights of the university community and following actions that strengthen the culture of peace that must prevail in university spaces”, read the press release.

What happened to the kids attacked and killed in Guasave?

A couple of young people were attacked and forced to walk without rope. Credits: X/captura.

The announcement of the Autonomous University of the West I hope you know this Tuesday 5th December after a video was released in which you can watch it as a part of young people they were attacked with tablas and forced to walk without clothes only with cards attached to their bodies. Is it the reason? The victims have been reported for the alleged crime vapers.

Even as the moment continues, without knowing who are the young people who were attacked, the authorities of the state ensure that they are investigating the case. And that’s why the cards you asked were there victims they had a sharp and painful message:

“This is how I go about selling vapes. This is a warning to all the ‘chapulines’ who fall. A los demás les va a ir peor, ya los tenemos ubicados”.

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