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United States attacks targets in Iraq and Syria as retaliation for the death of soldiers in Jordan

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United States announced that he brought to the fore this number of attacks against the forces of Iranian elites and pro-Iranian groups in Iraq y Syria and that these will “continue”, in retaliation for the death of three soldiers stationed at a base in Jordan.

Shortly before the American president Joe Biden attended the solemn service at a base in the north United States of the deadly remains of the three failed soldiers took over in an attack attributed by Washington to groups supported by Iran.

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Two hours after the doors of the mortuary van were closed, the army North American entered the action. The operation lasted about thirty minutes and was “an success”, declared the Casa Blanca.

EU deployed large-scale bombers

The bombers from wide altitude were directed against more than 85 targets, three in Iraq and four in Syria. PHOTO: AFP

El Pentagon He specified that a large number of combat aircraft participated in it, including large-scale bombers, directed against more than 85 targets, three in Iraq and four in Syria. They dispersed “more than 125 precise municipalities”, they specified state-of-the-art official sources.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH) confirmed that at least 18 pro-Iranian combatants have died in this country. Syria. Security forces also confirmed to the AFP that they had bombed positions of pro-Iranian armed groups in the west of Iraqparticularly in the Al Qaim sector, on the border with neighboring Syria.

In a press release, a military spokesman for Iraq’s first minister, Mohamed Chia al Sudani, condemned these ataques, which he considers a “violation of Iraqi sovereignty.” He added that he fears “disastrous consequences for safety and security stability de Iraq and of the region”.

Attacks will continue at the moment we choose: Biden

“If it does harm to a state, we will respond,” Biden declared. PHOTO: AFP

“Our response will come today. It will continue at the moment and in the places we choose”, he advised Biden in a press release. “United States Don’t look for conflicts in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. But all those who want to do it will be separated: if it happens to a common state, we will respond,” he said.

On spokesperson, John Kirby, insisted on this United States I don’t want “a war” with Iran, with the one who has not maintained “any communication”, I don’t want informal and indirect, from the domingo. On the contrary, he advised the Iraqi government ataques with advance, precise.

The government told me in the last few days that the reprisals will be multiple, against distinctions objectives and escalated over time. Bidenin the campaign for a second mandate, there was some intense pressure to respond to the death of the three soldiers.

The United States forces in the Middle East have suffered numerous attacks since the beginning of the war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamás in France Gaza.

With information from AFP

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