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Unheard of: a woman goes to the nurse, puts a baby on her bed and puts it in front of her bedroom

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There Policía Nacional Civil de El Salvador published a video there woman if it has passed by enfermera inside a hospitalcompletely disfigured like a local nurse, and as much as anyone expects it, put a baby on a mochila to go up from the area.

A woman is tired of nursing and is caring for a baby in El Salvador

These actions were made just in front of one security camera that I managed to capture everything with great clarity, and thanks to the said images they began with the search for them responsible of the robo of the native community, and even published the images in social circles to receive help from the people.

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Apparently they wanted to sacrifice their son because they thought he was posed, the police saved him

A look that seemed to be how the fathers were detained. Photo: Policía Nacional Civil de El Salvador

“This is the video of the moment, in which the woman who pretends to be a nurse, carries the baby in a baby to make herself desapercibida. We are investigating and we will take her before justice, so that she is punished with all the weight of the law” , wrote in a short statement on Twitter.

During the morning of this Saturday 30th December 2023, the it was hallada en Nueva Guadalupe, San Miguel. They held her in her power a man and a woman who sadly is not the one who appears in the videos. Both have passed like the true fathers of their birthplace.

The baby was recovered. Photo:
National Civil Police of El Salvador

The baby was immediately recovered by the Police, but then looked for the woman who went to the nurse

In the area, along with the local police, they arrived specialist doctors to avoid any injury and communicate it to your family. They informed them that they would continue there at the moment asked for by the woman who now passes like an infirmary for me robberse al menor.

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“We followed the quest of the woman who pretended to be sick and of other people who could be injured”, culminating in the official message.

“Los verdaderos derechos humansos Gracias a Dios”, wrote the president with license Nayib Bukele, who is now looking for the reelección of your mandate, where there is a first opportunity. He will now seek to be elected by the community during the elections on May 31, 2024.

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