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Ukrainian army counterattacks bombarding cities in southern Russia

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Two Russian regions faced with Ukraine y Crimeadriven by Moscow, the miracles were attacked by Ukraine in the morning and during the night, indicated by Russian authorities, one day after a massive bombardment against Kiev by part of Russia.

Regional officials will be informed limited damage and they ensured that all the Ukrainian missiles were destroyed.

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30 people died recently

Russia launches a deadly attack against Ukrainian territory

As is the case on Tuesday during the day, the city of Belgorod and their homonymous region was attacked at night. According to the Ministry of Defense, anti-aircraft defense dropped six projectiles.

Lately, when the missiles y noisy drones find Ukrainian cities, the tropes of Kiev They head to the capital of Belgorod, which is 100 kilometers north of Járkovthe second largest city in Ukraine.

No reports of victims in Belgorod

The governor Viatcheslav Gladkov It was specified that no new victims were registered. Hope, in the first series of attacks, one person died and 11 people were injured, three of them were hospitalized, he said on Telegram.

More to the north, the region of Kurskalso facing Ukraine, was the white of an air attack, I said the regional governor Roman Starovoit the miracles for the morning on Telegram. The electrical infrastructure and the tubes were affected, so that the hogs of various types ran without electricity or heat, according to the same source.

Local authorities will only inform you of material damage. Photo: AFP

Finally, a misil was dribbled in front of the coast Sebastopolstated the governor of this city CrimeaUkrainian peninsula annexed to Russia in 2014.

The Russian regions faced with Ukraine y Crimea They are regularly attacked by the Ukrainian army. Belgorod was particularly attacked by Russian attacks against Ukraine.

Lanza Rusia misiles against the Ukrainian capital

El ruso army the Tuesday disappeared in the morning 99 miles ago Kievhis alrededores y Járkov sending five people. Shortly afterward the counter attacks began Belgorod.

At the end of the last week, a previous one bombardio ruso mass in the Ukrainian capital has caused 30 deaths.

The launch of a Ukrainian missile caused electricity cuts in the Kursk region. Photo: AFP

A counter Ukrainian response Belgorod After 25 deaths, an unprecedented figure in the territory taken from the beginning of the attack against Ukraine two years ago.

The Russian government has tried to counteract the outcome of these attacks by calling the Ukrainians terrorists who attack residential areas indiscriminately, while insisting that the forces of the Kremlin They only target depots, weapons factories and other military installations.

With information from AP and AFP

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