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Ukraine reveals that it has left Putin and his doubles, does he exist?

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Ukraine I revealed what was wrong with the alleged ones doubles of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, rumor that has circulated for several years regarding the precarious health condition that the former agent of the company suffered KGB a quien vinculan con el cancer And even a few weeks ago a source sought the Kremlin and claimed that he had suffered a heart attack because one of his doubles had returned to the place.

In keeping with the intelligence service of the Ukrainian government, Vladimir Putin speaks with less three doubles who are monitored 24 hours a day during the six days of the week by part of the Kremlin who dispatch people to make changes in their physiognomy through the cherries so that they appear to the agent.

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Ukraine revealed even how many doubles Putin has made. Photo: Archive

How are Putin’s 3 doubles used?

In respecto, the Ukrainian spokesperson Andriy Yusov I will assure you that the three Putin fakes are under “constant vigilance” by Russia’s secret service, so that they do not have their own life and are at the disposal of the Kremlin to appear in public acts where the exposé is hoped for. “This information is confirmed by many sources,” he stated, quoted by the Daily Star.

“This is not some kind of news or something that needs to be demonstrated around the world. The technology of the doubles was used before and is used now, especially by Vladimir Putin or around him, people who influence the situation in the Kremlin,” the Ukrainian spokesperson said.

Asimism, Yusov said that Kiev officials know less than three dobles of Putin, he indicated in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Alesya Batsman: “These are people who certainly do not belong to the same thing… For that matter, it is clear that their destiny no es, digamos, envidiable”, I say.

Last week it was revealed that Putin suffered a heart attack. Photo: Archive

The cause that would confirm the existence of Putin’s doubles

Yusov signaled that the doubles do not live alone in the same city and the Kremlin acts with great caution to ensure that they are not exposed. The Ukrainian revelation about Putin’s dobles arose after the president issued a message to him New yearwhere the president’s critics reported a detail on Putin’s image.

The analysts pointed out that the heart of the KGB ex-agent did not seem to be in sync with his body, which led to the activist Igor Sushko of the Grupo de Investigación Viento de Cambio (WCRG), to believe that the transmission was false, reported in his account of (before Twitter):

“Putin’s New Year’s speech was generated by the computer. Tomen note from the area of ​​the avatar’s back”: Igor Sushko.

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