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Ukraine ensures that Russia does not accept the surrender of the bodies of aviation victims with 65 war prisoners

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Los conflictos en Europe they continue on this occasion Ukraine requests Russia to take over the corpses of decades of war prisoners, who have fallen victim to the fact that the elements of Kiev will arrive at a military aircraft, in accordance with information sent by Moscow.

El accident It took place on the 24th of June and the Kremlin repeatedly denied requests from the Ukrainian government to protect the military personnel. Andrii Yusov, voice of the military intelligence in Ukraine, will reiterate the request of the authorities to open an international investigation with the aim of defining whether the aircraft transports weapons or passengers.

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Moscow, for its part, assures that Kiev has attacked its compatriots, but the Ukrainian country confirms that these accusations have arisen due to the “unrestrained Russian propaganda”.

Ukraine indicates that Moscow does not request a security operator to safeguard the integrity of passengers during the flight. Furthermore, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s voice, assured that Ukraine had not issued any petition for the repatriation of the prisoners.

Vladimir Putin, Russian president, signaled the black 31st that his country would insist on an international investigation into vehicle crashes, which made sure that it was a crime committed by Ukrainians. Likewise, Yusov signaled that among the Ukrainians there are no quienes to participate

The Russian Investigative Committee reported on February 1 that its investigations revealed that the aircraft had been destroyed by Patrior, an anti-aircraft defense system manufactured by the US industry.

The aircraft was filled with 65 war prisoners, three soldiers and six soldiers of the war. The victims were lost when the plane hit the ground, just when it exploded and ended in an immediate fire in Belgorod, a region on the Ukrainian border. The investigations also allowed the identification of more than 670 human remains.

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