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Twitter bird logo may change with name, Elon Musk announced

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Elon Musk is constantly making changes on Twitter. Now they have announced that the bird of Twitter is going to fly soon. Elon Musk shared a post on Twitter. In this, he has indicated to change the logo.

Elon Musk wrote in the tweet that soon we will bid goodbye to Twitter brand and birds. In another tweet, Musk wrote that if a great logo is posted by tonight, they will make it live tomorrow. That is, it will be the new logo of Twitter. Now Twitter will also be known as X.

What will be the effect of the changes: Musk is constantly making changes in Twitter. Recently they have imposed DM limit for free users to control bots and spam. After this, free users can send messages to a limited number of people only. However, now it has to be seen how much the users like the logo.

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Why X: Elon Musk loves the letter X and has used the word X in the names of all his companies. Be it SpaceX or Xai.

What will happen: Musk has shared a video. X is visible in it. They have asked users to share a cool X logo so that they can change the logo by tomorrow morning. It seems that Musk has liked this logo, so he has shared it. The logo has been shared on Twitter by a user named SawyerMerritt.

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