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Trump stands against the decision of the Supreme Court of Colorado which descales him for elections

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Donald Trumpthe controversial ex-president of Estados Unidos, ha arremetido contra el Supreme Court of Colorado. This after Tuesday 19 December, the Court made the decision to expel him from republican primaries due to the fact that the businessman has also been reported by his role in the assault on the Capitol of 2021.

Through red social media TruthDonald Trump calified the decision of Tribunal as “a sad day in United States”. Asimismo, the exmandatario signaled that the determination in his country is another example of “electoral interference” that exists in his country. Including, he advised that current President Joe Biden should withdraw the “false accusations” made by him.

Donald Trump called the Court’s decision “a sad day in the United States.” Credits: Truth.

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Colorado Court prohibits Donald Trump from participating in state primary elections

Trump is César estadoundense?

Supreme Court of Colorado withdraws Trump from Republican primaries

Las descalificaciones de Donald Trump After this Tuesday, December 19, the Supreme Court of Colorado declared it ineligible for the Casa Blanca of United States and also the quit of the paper of the presidential primaries of the state. Is it the reason?

It turns out that the Tribunal of Colorado reversed this decision by appealing to Enmienda 14 of the United States Constitution. It is said that the mandate prohibits people who have participated in an act of insurrection from holding a burden of popular election in that country.

The Colorado Tribunal took this decision by appealing to Law 14 of the State Constitution. Credit: Facebook/Donald Trump.

It is important to mention that the former president of the United States, Donald Trumpyou have been connected with el assault on the Capitol It took place on the 6th of the year 2021, which is why the politician and businessman were investigated by North American justice.

What are the Republican primaries?

S presidential primaries have reference to a procedure that follows it Republican Party with the aim of electing the delegates of the title “National Republican Convention of 2024” and subsequently determining who the candidate will be of the political institution for the presidency of the United States.

How will the presidential elections of the United States be?

The United States elections will take place on November 5, 2024. Credit: Pexels/archive.

We record that the same as Mexico, our old country will tend presidential elections the coming year. United States will return to their first representative every four years and in 2024, it will be November 5th when the United States and United States will reach their next representative.

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