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Trump returns to New York while seeking final legal fraud

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The former President of the United States Donald Trump (2017-2021) took this decision to the court where the civil lawsuit for fraud against his family business ends after two months, which leads to him being converted into a “persona non grata” in the business world Great Manzana.

The ex-mandatario looked simply like an observer, although it was expected that he would speak on Mondays to respond to requests from his defense. During the judiciary, Trump has charged on various occasions against the judiciary, Arthur Engoron, and New York’s fiscal general, Letitia James, weighing in on the burden of a ‘biting order’ that prevents them from carrying out written comments about the officials of the juzgado.

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My image will record to the voters “the corrupt one who has changed our government”

Indeed, the Republican ex-president used the order, as the case may be, to gain funds for the presidential elections of 2024. “There is not much that can count in this moment”, he wrote in an electronic campaign message to his followers entitled ” “Go to the game” and heard on the CNBC channel.

In the message, Trump said that his image in the court will record to voters “the corruption that has changed our government.”

The civil judiciary in New York against the Republican and his sons, as well as other executives of the Trump Organization, for allegedly inflating the value of the assets during the years to obtain favorable conditions with banks and security, began on October 2nd and It is expected that it will be revived in black.

New York Tax now imposes a penalty of 250 million dollars

The Tax Court achieved a first victory before the trial began, when Engoron ruled in a summary manner that Trump and the other accused were responsible for ongoing fraud in the Trump Organization and issued an order to cancel his business licenses, which they had attempted. slow down by thinking that it is not clear enough.

James now demands a penalty of 250 million dollars and that he is prohibited from doing more business in New York.

The case in New York is just one of the multiple legal challenges of the former president, who is now the favorite of the challenges to win the Republican nomination for the 2024 elections, in which he hopes to compete against the current president, Democrat Joe Biden .

What do you accuse Donald Trump of?

Trump is also accused of trying to overturn the results of the 2020 comics (which he lost against Biden) in two criminal cases, one in Washington DC and another in the state of Georgia, of leveraging classified documents from the White House and above Mansion of Mar-a-Lago, in Florida, and to falsify commercial documents for the pay of the porn actress Stormy Daniels to hide an ‘affair’ that happened in the past.

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