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US Election: Trump again in the field, started campaign to become Republican candidate

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Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Presidential Candidature Campaign: Donald Trump has started his nomination campaign in the Republican Party for the next presidential election with a rally in New Hampshire. Let us tell you that two months ago, Trump had announced the claim for the next election. After New Hampshire, Trump also reached South Carolina, where he presented his election team in front of everyone.

Let us tell you that the Republican Party is going to conduct the elections for its candidate, out of the first three elections, two are to be held in these two states.

At a meeting in New Hampshire, Trump said, “We’re just getting started. I’m angrier now and I’m more determined than ever.”

Team Trump has been active recently

Let us tell you that after announcing his election campaign two months ago, Trump had not held any public rally till now, due to which questions were being raised about his commitment to contest for re-election. Now by holding these meetings and gatherings, Trump has tried to dismiss these speculations.

Now Trump’s team and his supporters have reached out to political activists and elected representatives to garner support for their election campaign.

Meanwhile, Stephen Stepanek, the outgoing chairman of the Republican Party in Hampshire, said that “now that the bullet is out of the barrel of the gun, the campaign season has begun.”

Let us tell you that Trump has announced the appointment of Stephen as a senior advisor for his election campaign in the state.

Who can be Trump’s rivals

Apart from Trump, no one has made an official announcement yet to get the candidature from the Republican Party. But according to media reports, Nikki Haley may launch her candidature campaign in the coming months. Nikki Haley was the US ambassador to the United Nations during Trump’s presidency.

Apart from this, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence are being considered as possible candidates for the Republican Party nomination.

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