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Truck with medicines in Sonora catches fire: pertenecía a la SSA estatal

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The morning of this Tuesday, December 19th, there was a truck loaded with the Health Secretary de Sound who transported medicine and treatment materials to the municipality of Santa Ana, located in the north of the state, resulting in total loss.

They were registered on the street Enrique Mazón Lópezlocated in the eastern salt of the city of Hermosillo, just at the height of the Colonia San Luis, where at 5:00 in the morning the unit started to solve the problem and for this reason the chofer decided to keep it completely.

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The truck was pierced on Calle Pilares, where another followed, drawing smoke, so that it alerted the body of Bombers who were arriving and blocking the emergency.

Please ensure that in the next few days you will reply to this shipment of material. Credits: Special

However, by 9:00 in the morning the engine of the unit returned to pick up and started to stop, now with full calls, where in minutes the fire advanced to the cabin and the cargo box.

The bombers returned to the unit to put out the fire, whereupon the unit was completely burned and declared a total loss. Furthermore, the cable in the area was also damaged, as was the internet and telephone service in the country.

If you will reply material

By the Health Secretariat, a statement was issued informing them that the cause of the fire could originate from a fault in the engine, that the truck was transporting cleaning materials, treatment, paper products and medicines of the first level of attention, and did not take controlled medicines .

It was ensured that in the next few days this shipment of material to Santa Ana will be returned and that at the moment it will not affect the users of health services of the district 03 or of the health center of this municipality, which was where the unity.


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