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Truck pulls light cables and picks up a woman in Gustavo A. Madero

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A woman was injured on the streets of the Vallejo Poniente colony tras ser arrastrada varios metros for a public transport unit in the Gustavo A. Madero city of Mexico. En tanto, el bus driver huyó from the scene, while the victim was helped there by other passers-by and motorists who were spotted in the area.

The accident occurred on the morning of Tuesday 21 November in the vicinity of the La Raza station, crossing lines 3 and 5 of the Collective Transport System (STC) Metro. I read it with the first reports, in any way the woman’s feet were wrapped up between the cables coming from the bus, which following the march ended by pulling up to the transition towards Calle Brahms, one side of the La Raza bike park.

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The road will take you approximately to the metro, there woman has been injured in her head. Standing on Calle Brahms, it was reported that she was helped on the first occasion by other passers-by and motorists passing through the area. At the same time, elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana (SSC) arrived.

Two accidents were recorded on Paseo de la Reforma

One kilometer away, in the center of the capital, one woman of the third edition if it was suffered with everything and the car to one banqueta en el cruce Paseo de la Reforma and Avenida Juárez, in the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood. Reports point out that the driver was met by performing a maneuver, when the accident was reported because no injured person was reported.

In another incident, also in the Cuauhtémoc hospital, paramedics from the Rescue and Emergency Medical School (ERUM) attended the report of a atrophied person above Paseo de la Reforma, opposite Calle de Niza. He transcended that the victim was a man in a vulnerable situation who was knocked out by a truck, so he was transported to a hospital.

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