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Transportistas block house of Tepotzotlán in Mexico-Querétaro for attacks on chóferes

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Yes habrá national par part of the transporters during the festive season of this Monday 5th of February, assured various leaders of the branch, who confirmed that the demonstration evening peaceful so that no roads will be closed and people will be free to walk, with the aim of ensuring that the federal authorities provide greater security. This morning I came to the block at the height of the Northern Arch on the México-Querétaro autopista.

Movements will be registered on these Mondays by representatives of trucking organisations. In respect, Lauro Rincón, leader of the Mexican American Transport Federation (Fematrac), informed that the word will not affect people.

Following reading:

Government of Mexico and truck drivers must ensure that they continue to work and avoid the national border

National transporters’ word: why are there labors and what demands are there on the authorities?

The demonstrations of transporters began on the Mexico-Querétaro autopista. Photo: X

Where will transporters speak?

“We’re going to make the goal come true, but let’s be clear that we’re not going to close the streets, we’re going to stop the steps for the users”, said the leader of the Fematrac in a radio interview with Azucena Uresti, where Ignacio Granados, member of the organization Integradora derechos Convencionales, AC (Indeco), affirmed that transportistas continue in paro.

“We follow the word, we don’t understand what the intention of the Segob was with the communication; we have to be summoned throughout the country to 150 million transporters, at 08:00 hours”: Ignacio Granados.

My member of Indeco agreed that for this February 5th he will have companions in various parts of the country. “We have people in the Northern Arc, in Monterrey, Chiapas, Jalisco… the meeting was on Saturday with Srgob, but we never agreed that we didn’t have the same”, said Ignacio Granados.

The truck drivers ensured that they would demonstrate peacefully. Photo: Cuartoscuro

What do I say to the transporters?

The Government Secretariat indicated that it would meet with some of the transport leaders in dialogue meetings to attend to its questions focused mainly on security. In this regard, Segob has indicated that it has agreed with representatives of trucking organizations to establish dialogue panels in order to guarantee greater safety on federal roads.

The tips that offered Segob to transporters. Photo: X

La Segob destacó que se focuso en tres rubros en los acuerdos alcanzados con la Federación Mexicanamericano de Transportistas, AC (Fematrac), Organización Integradora de Derechos Convencionales, AC (Indeco), Alianza Mexicana de Transportistas, AC (Amtac), y Unión de Transportistas de Carga (Utracasin):

  1. Traffic safety by the SSPC and the GN.
  2. Administrative support by Segob and SICT.
  3. Connect with state and municipal authorities, as well as part of the Segob.

The police station in Tepozotlán was the place where the demonstration began on the Mexico-Querétaro autopista, Caminos and Puentes Federales informed that traffic remains open, although it indicated that the wagons had been reduced, following the presence of the truck drivers on the road area.

The Tepozotlán goat house was rebuilt. Photo: X

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