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Transmit yoga class and political persecution filters through: VIDEO

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A yoga teacher turned to it social redes where by accident there will be a political persecution in Tulum, Quintana Roo, when a class will be completely transmitted alive through its history Instagramwhich caused the darkness of them cybernauts.

The man identified as Professor Jayson teaches classes yoga en Tulum and I usually transmit it Instagram videos with tutorials on meditation and training, so that one morning I decide to teach the class live when in taking only 7 seconds it takes time to see how a person appears while running.

Jayson met sharing his live training Photo: X jayson.ashtangatulum

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Grabe policiaca persecución al transmitir yoga class: VIDEO

Next, as an element of the Navy, he runs behind the person while the teacher maintains his posture without changing, then he observes how the other uniform appears to help his partner and complete it.

When a person passes by while running Photo: X jayson.ashtangatulum

Jayson shared the video above social redes and I took it with humor, I’ll ask you the word “while I’m there Tulum” I was accompanied by emojis like one, one police and another of laughter and joined them hashtag “hand guard”, “hand guard entry” and the main “maintain your focus”, giving a clear example of how when you are focused no matter what.

Two uniforms participated in the persecution Photo: X jayson.ashtangatulum

From taking into account the extra-official versions, the uniforms are pursuing a narcomenudist To safeguard the safety of people injured in the area, but until now the authorities have not spoken respectfully, not a single person has been injured.

Jayson jamás lost the information about what happened Photo: X jayson.ashtangatulum

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