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Transferring the ex-president of Peru, Pedro Castillo to a hospital for decompensation

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The ex-president of Peru he was transferred from prison to a hospital where he could present a “health decompensation”, where he was stabilized following the penitentiary authorities.

The ex-president is currently serving a prison sentence starting in 2022 to attempt to remove him Congress I went to the Hospital de Vitarte and then received it again.

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Machu Picchu suspends the final closure between the two people

Detained in the prison of the former president of Peru Pedro Castillo, he was a refugee from corruption

In defense, Wilfredo Robles Rivera said he was in prison Barbadillo To support an encounter with Castillo and where he was suffering from pre-heart attack symptoms, I followed the report after his account of X.

Robles Rivera informed the authorities with the requirement that he was evacuated from the place and they took him to a hospital. “I met him with malice and went crazy,” he said.

The ex-president will spend 3 years in prison for the action of 2022 in which an investigation into corruption cases arose and the intent of a self-coup was to sue to dissolve Congress. The legislators determined his dismissal and Dina Boluarte took the load amidst the protests and political interference.

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