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Train selection to New York has 8 people

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Shortly before 3:00 pm this game was registered choque between doses trains en New York, what I said was safe for injured people. According to the first reports, a train of passers-by struck another piece of traffic to the north of the Calle 96 station, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

This impact caused him descarrilamento of a passenger convoy wagon, until 3.30 pm today all the users have been abandoned. Please note that this incident has caused delays on various lines that you travel on New York.

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What caused the train choking in New York?

In compliance they were given the first information by the authorities New Yorkif God knows what it was about choque of a train of maintenance which was impacted by a meter, which caused some type of descarriage on the Upper West Side.

An informant of the accident at the station on Calle 96 looking for Broadway I took the redeemer from the 3rd of the late hours and to be aware of the MTA sources colision caused an “interruption” of the metro service across the street Manhattan for the nocturnal journey.

They informed them that they did not have service in most of the areas Manhattan during the late and night transition of these games you will always advise travelers who are taking trains or buses locales. Now if you don’t know whether or not you have people heridas.

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