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Trailer hits several wagons in Tlalpan shoes, the chofer escapes

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This morning is November 16th trailer impactó to various to carros en Tlalpan shoes. The event took place at the height of the San Antonio Abad Metro station, en route to the historic center. The cause was not for injured people, but it transcended that chofer of the truck he escaped of the stage.

According to the first reports, at least three vehicles were affected by the shock, especially a red-colored car, which hit the retaining wall and was totally lost, following the witnesses of the accident.

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How do you know about the trailer chofer?

Three vehicles were affected. Photo: captura de pantalla.

A truck and another vehicle were also affected by the shock. In the area there are affected avenues, so you can look for a carriage, where the affected carriages remain. Please note that emergency teams such as paramedics and police are present at the accident site.

Hello now, there are no reports of people injured by the accident. The drivers of the affected vehicles have expressed, before the communication media, the harassment and demands that the authorities identify with the chofer of the heavy unit that caused the accident.

Do you have any people detained?

Policías atienden el cho. Photo: captura de pantalla.

On the other hand, the authorities have not been able to find out any information about the case, but it is hoped that in the next few hours, with the help of the security cameras, they can contact the guard of the man who is leading the trailerthe one huyo from the scene to impact three cars.

In the same way, it is hoped that the authorities will determine what was the cause of the road accident, which resulted in a red colored vehicle with great material damage.

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