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Tragedy in Indonesia: at least 4 people died in severe train shock

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Two trains chocaron este viernes 5 de black in Java, the main one island of Indonesia, causing various carriages to fly the death of at least four people, informed the authorities.

The shock is produced within 500 meters (yards) of the train station Cicalengka, in the city of Bandung, in Western Java, said Ayep Hanapi, spokesperson of PT Kereta Api Indonesia, the national railway company.

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He detailed that a train from Turangga with 287 passengers on board was traveling from Surabaya, capital of the province of Eastern Java, to Bandung when it collided with a suburban train from Bandung Raya with 191 passengers on board which was heading to Padalarang from Haurpugur station approximately s 6:03 in the morning.

The bodies were rescued from the escombros
Photo: AP

This is how the impactful train shock in Indonesia was experienced

“All passengers from the two accidented trains have been evacuated safe and sound,” declared Hanapi, adding that 37 people ended up here and they were attended to in various hospitals. If you come late, only two passengers will be hospitalized.

The passenger Heri Aliyudin narrated that the lights went off in his cabin of the third carriage of the Turangga train. He recorded that various bags and bags were placed over various passengers. Those who still slept salteron despedidos de sus asientos.

“I was so shocked that I couldn’t move for a moment, it was total confusion,” Aliyudin told TV station Kompas in an interview. “Entonces tomé mi maleta y salí a empujones”.

The spokesperson of the Western Java Police, Ibrahim Tompo, I say that the least four members of the tripulation of the train were killed: the conductor and his assistant on the search train and an auxiliary and a security guard on the express train.

Decades of people were displaced by the emergency
Photo: AP

Authorities offer explanations, investigate the origin of the shock

A television video showed several cars wrecked or seriously damaged. The wagon was rushed to the arrozal looking for. People shouted while passing by, panic-stricken, trying to get on the train. Some crossed the fields loaded with weapons and other objects while the ambulances evacuate to the heridos.

The spokesperson of the Ministerio de Transporte, Adita Irawati, He apologized for the accident and for the interruption of railway services throughout the island of Java.

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I said that the cause of the accident was being investigated and that the rescue teams had evacuated all the passengers and were working to collect the trains and restore the service.

Authorities are investigating what caused the accident
Photo: AP

“This accident will be the subject of a new evaluation so that a similar accident will not occur in the future,” declared Irawati.

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