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Top Hamas leader dies in Israeli bombardment

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One of the top managers of HamasSaleh Al Arouri, died this Tuesday 2nd in a row Israeli bomber in southern Beirut, I learned from the information of the Palestinian Islamist movement and the Lebanese security officials.

Además del asesinato del number dos de Hamas5 people reported that the Israeli authorities announced it, so this could be a certain coup for the group that attacked on October 7, 2023.

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Israel-Hamas war: attack surprised the world

Hamás frees 12 rehenes in Gaza amidst truce negotiations with Israel

For its part, the Hamás group ensured that the death of one of its members and its attack on the Lebanese capital would not slow down its “resistance”.

Saleh Al Arouri died alongside his guards in an attack against the Hamás factory in the suburbs of Beirut, a bastion of the Hezbolá movement based in Iran, one of the security forces told AFP.

“Martyrdom of the vice-president of the Hamás political bureau, Jeque Saleh Al Arouri, in a Zionist attack in Beirut”, the group indicated in a statement distributed by Al-Aqsa TV, on official channeland other medium ones.

Saleh Al Arouri, accused by Israel of being the brains of multiple attackers, was an elected deputy to the head of the Hamás political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, in 2017.

Having been imprisoned in Israel for 20 years, he was released in 2010 under the condition of exile.

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