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Tiroteo Universidad Nevada las vegas EU deja tres muertos

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A tirateo at the University of Nevada, en Las Vegascaused “multiple victims”, indicated the metropolitan police of the city in its initial estimates regarding the success, adding shortly after a suspicious had been “neutralized”. At least an hour later the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that the balance was at least three victims and the suspect died.

En redes sociales, la Policía de Las Vegas warned that citizens avoid the area, while their university advised them alumni that the clear warning was not a simulacrum and that they were safe: it was through their account of

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There policy I didn’t specify the number of affected people, nor were they dead or injured, and I only said that “it seems to have multiple victims“. The White House limited itself to indicating that the next step is to follow.

Police informed that the suspect was “contained”

“The suspect is contained. This is an active investigation,” the police department informed this late. PHOTO: AFP

Minutes after getting to know the shooter, it was the same Policia local person ensured that the substance was contained. “El suspicious it is contained. This is an active investigation. Continue avoiding the area and pay attention to the units emergency que responden”, if informed via red social X, before Twitter.

In images published there social redes, you can see an extensive police briefing and armed officers inside the campus.

At less than an hour after the Tiroteo la policy informed that the suspect of being the author of the platform was encountered in the living place of those agents of the annex who responded to him, following employees of the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, it was a ‘shooter active confirmed in the place, informed the police.

University of Nevada alerted students via Twitter

His own University of Nevada I joined my students this late alert Recibida was not a simulacrum and they were safe: it was through the medium of their X account, before Twitter, that the University told the students that “they run, they hide and they hide”.

The university announced that the attacker would meet in the Beam Hall, Frank and Estella building, which houses the Faculty of Business universityand that’s it policy responded to other reports of incidents in the research association.

The shooters are “an Pandemic that the president (estadoundense, Joe Biden) if he took it very seriously. For this reason we are tomado medidas. We are monitoring the very situation of the search”, said the presidential spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, in her daily press conference.

There University of Nevadaabbreviated as UNLV, is a public institution founded in 1957 that has more than 31 million students.

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