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Tiroteo in Prague: policy spreads unpublished images of the terrible attacker who died less than 14 years ago

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The policy of the Czech Republic published unpublished images of the recent attack at the University of Prague which left 14 people dead and at least 25 injured where a young person took flight against his assistants and later committed suicide, which caused a tragedy national in the European country.

The video was captured by one of the vests of one of the uniforms who shows the moment in which they enter the school center giving indications to leave and look at the people who are in a state of shock because of what happened.

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Decades of people gathered in front of the university Prague To make the victims home, they collected sails and photographs, Richard Smaha, a 17-year-old alumnus, lamented what happened: “We’re not in it.” United Statesthese things don’t happen Czech Republic“.

At the University of Carolina’s Faculty of Arts, among the students in the Faculty of Arts there are three foreigners: a citizen of Lower Countries y dos de United Arab EmiratesInterior Minister Vit Rakusan told reporters that he had previously confirmed that fatal victims had been identified.

Photo: AFP

The police chief, Martin Vondrasek, indicated that the attacker, who had no criminal antecedents, had an “enormous arsenal of weapons and munitions” and that the security forces avoided a crime even more so thanks to their rapid intervention.

“I’ve had 31 years of service and I’ve seen a lot of things,” he told the outlet. “But what I told you was the most memorable experience of my life.

Some of the victims were companions of the attacker. Vondrasek explained that before the shooting he was looking for the young man who his father had been found dead in the town of Hostoun, to the west of Prague. The young man “was in Prague saying that he wanted to commit suicide”, added Vondrasek, who did not confirm that his father had killed him.

Every morning I’ll watch a minute of silence in honor of the culprits Photo: AFP

They declare the national national law in the Czech Republic

The police had to find him in a building of the Faculty of Arts, where he had a scheduled class, but the young man headed to the main building of the establishment. There Carolina University It is located in the historic center of Prague, looking for important tourist attractions.

The police chief confirmed that the murderer was inspired by “a similar case that occurred in Russia”. Vondrasek added that the police suspect that this young person would also be outside the home on December 15th of a man and his baby of two months in a forest in the suburbs of Prague. The national day was declared and the authorities called to the people to watch a minute of silence in honor of the wrongdoers.

With information from AFP

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