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Tiroteo at Charles University of Prague: 15 deaths and ten years ago

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The authorities of Czech Republic they let you know – in social circles – who registered one tirateo look for it Charles University, in the center of the city of Prague. According to preliminary reports, a man ran away from the crowd, calling a non-specific number of deaths and injuries.

The police agreed that the shooter was killed when the Faculty of Arts of the Carolina University. Because of these violent crimes, the authorities urged the people to remain inside their homes and not to look for them; in the same way, buildings and plazas were secured in the place where the shooting occurred.

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Tiroteo at the University of Prague has various deaths and injuries; the shooter was killed

How many people died for the shot?

I agree with local media like this Radio Praga International: “an unknown person opened shortly after 3.00 pm in the Faculty of Philosophy of the Carolina University of Prague, in the Jan Palach square”. On the other hand, the police that confirmed the facts through its social networks, but until now it has not been possible to know the total number of deadly victims.

“With the first information we can confirm that you are there dead and wounded“, detailed the policy on the account of At Carolina University there is an intense security officer.

Alumni experience moments of horror. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Students talk about the horror minutes they experience

In social circles, some students of the Faculty of Arts shared, in real time, the violent men who were taking place in the enclosure. Internet users reported that various teachers had opted to close all the doors and secure them with puppets, so that the attacker could not enter. Also, it was reported that multiple tests were performed detonations by firearms.

During the minutes of terror that students experienced, the Minister of the Interior, Vit Rakusan, indicated on public television that “the presence of no other shooter was not confirmed” and urged the people to follow the instructions of the police, which they would seek area; joined him, he asked the old people who stay in his houses.

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