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Tirotean truck pilgrims jardin balbuena Venustiano Carranza CDMX

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This night you see a full passenger truck peregrinos who returned from the Basilica of Guadalupe were attacked by balas when they circulated to the heights of the colony Jardin Balbuenaalcaldía Venustiano Carranza of the City of Mexico. According to the first reports, he was the driver of a black car who disappeared against the unit as a reaction to a dangerous situation.

El ataque I am sure of the people injured by the fire weapon and the people who are here are waiting for you by the services of emergency who listened to the call of help. The area you are in is cordoned off, at the height of Francisco del Paso y Troncoso, Return 13, within the area of Taller y Lorenzo Boturini.

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What happened when you hit the pilgrims’ truck?

The unit was attacked by other conductors who had passed it. Cuartoscuro / Illustrative image

According to the version of one of the pilgrims who boarded the truck, which carried 25 people and headed to the area of Culhuacánthe unit circulated “in caravan” towards other vehicles when it was attacked by balazos for another conductor who had to keep track of the pace.

“We were driving around and passed a black wagon, a gun and a bag disappeared to two many (…) for them traffic what había yo creo; if you ask me I imagine. She looked for them and disappeared to many of them,” declared the chofer of the attached unit in conversation with the middle N+.

“Ya atendieron a los heridos“If you are injured but you are stable, one of the seniors who came with us is the nurse, so please give quick attention”, indicated the conductor. hospital they seek.

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