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Tiburón attacks a teenager and his mother while surfing next to his dad

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A tiburon attacked and killed a 15 year old boy in a remote place surfing site in Southern Australia, I informed the police on December 29th. The school’s departure occurred late in the game at Ethel Beach, on the Yorke Peninsula, the state police said in a press release.

The police said that they prepared a report for the forensic expert but did not give details of the attack on the young person, proceeding from a suburb of the south of Adelaida.

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“Sadly, the body of a teenager was caught in the water,” he added.

People reported the terrible attack

The diary “The Advertiser”, of Adelaida, mentioned an unidentified peasant Ethel Beach saying that another surfer helped the teenager get bitten on the beach.

Khai Cowley was attacked by a tiburon on Ethel’s Playa. PHOTO: Captura de pantalla / Sky News

“The tiburón the rodeó when the man sacó to the youth of the water. There was a lot of blood”, reported the resident.

Do not specify the type of tiburon wrapped in the holder, even large ones white tiburones suelen merodear on the southern Australian coast.

Another man dies by fire in the Bahamas

A Canadian tourist who visited the Bahamas died in a tiburon attack on Mondays, she informed the police of that Caribbean country. The victim, a woman 44 years old from Boston, I practice rowing in front of a resort on the island of New Providence, where the capital Nassau is located.

A rescuer logs to take the woman’s orilla to a family member who was with her to give her cardiopulmonary resuscitation, to be informed with the report of the Royal Police of the Bahamas.

The archipelago of the Bahamas, with more than 3,000 islands, It houses a large number of hotel complexes and a large part of its economy depends on tourism.

The Tiburone attacks here and in other places are unusual, with 89 of these incidents recorded worldwide by the International Archive of Tiburon Attacks, a current data base for the Natural History Museum of Florida, in United States. Bahamas records, from the year 1580, 33 ataques, I am informed with the data of this archive.

With information from AFP

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