Home International Three days after that, the three journalists seized in Guerrero were set free.

Three days after that, the three journalists seized in Guerrero were set free.

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Three reporters and two civilians were seized in Taxco, GuerreroTetipac and other Aledañas communities, where the local authorities, the National Guard, and personnel of the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional entered, with the objective of free him with life. It concerns the following names:

  • Marco Antonio Toledo, director of the Espectador de Taxco seminar
  • Guadalupe Denova Flores and Alberto Toledo Denova, wife and son of the Primero.
  • Silvia Arce, administrator of the Red Siete portal
  • Alberto Sánchez, administrator of the Red Siete portal

They free two of the seized journalists, who were kept in safe houses

Silvia Arce and Alberto Sánches were hallados with life. Credit: Facebook

Following reading:

They explain operations to locate reporters deprived of their freedom in Guerrero

Asesinan to Jaime Dámaso Solis, municipal leader of the PAN in Zilitla

Only the last two were fired liberated This Saturday November 25th, in the media of the municipality of Taxco de Alarcón. They were intercepted in their offices three days after the seizure of Marco y up family. Article 19 God must know the authorities hallaron en dos security houses distinct.

They also lograron the libertad de Guadalupe Denova, esposa de Toledo. She is a worker in the health sector, just like her 28 year old son, who regretfully still didn’t know anything about it. A second civil was liberated, if treated of Elvira Serranono one would keep them located as if they were deprived of their freedom.

Faltan to appear Marco Antonio Toledo and his son. Credit: Facebook

By passing two people to appear, I command secuestro Marco Antonio Toledo and his son

There madrugada of Sunday 19 November 2023, above wardrobes they entered the property of the Toledo Denova family. On tarea it was el secuestro of Marco Antonio, who is also responsible for various publications. They lifted themselves up with them exposed And hijoonly the child continues to disappear.

During the actions, the home modem ran away and was charged with toasting them Internet and they became accustomed to them appliances de communication of the whole family to keep them incommunicated during the kidnapping. As part of his work, Toledo he dedicates himself to political and security issues at the national level, but also local.

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