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This Patrona works so well with those who are hosting people

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There estafa know how The Patroness It is not a new method of fraud that at least from the principles of the decadent of the 2000 they started recording the first cases with the method engaño across the street called telephones and in text messages to engage the victims; However, with the recent case that the actress Consuelo Duval suffered, she transcended that she was the victim of this crime.

The former actress of “La Hora Pico” reported that she was the victim of fraudulent part of a domestic worker who stole 500 million pesos from her, but emphasized that the hurt was with the total complicity of the employee with other people, unlike what happens in the state of “La Patrona”.

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In the midst of tears, Consuelo Duval reveals details of the robo who was the victim and the desmiente fraud with AI

We are alerted by the increase in online fraud

The robo against Consuelo Duval revived the type of fraud of La Patrona. Photo: Archive

How does it work to be known as “La Patrona”?

The Citizens’ Council of Security and Justice (CCSJ) of the City of Mexico was the first to identify the modus operandi of the estafadores who created the La Patrona fraud. Los delincuentes they are based on creating an emergency situation that will alter the workers at the house to expose their jefes.

Once again estafadores they identify the house that they will rob, also they do it with them employed Domestic people who receive a telephone call tell them a story about how they are bound by some of their men, when faced with tense situations, they engage in how to finish getting money or valuable objects.

In the Patrona they talk to the domestic workers making them believe that their jefes run dangerous. Photo: Archive

The trick with what is worth it estafadores of “La Patrona” is the confusion, because when presenting the story without keeping it logical, but taking into account the lack of control that domestic workers have, they have time to come to an end the crime turn instructions to learn it money.

Recurr on Whatsapp and the AI ​​to engage and chat

Finally you with the mountain of stuff, that in some cases estafadores Besides videos or photographs of the interior of the house to identify valuable objects and ask for them, the following instruction is to take the button to some place so that someone can collect it.

A little more than 20 years ago fraudulent of “La Patrona” has adapted to the new technologies, from the use of Whatsapp, you just have to use the Artificial Intelligence to create identical voices to engage with them victims and verify that in reality your jefes in this case, they are in danger and only they can help them.

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